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The Note: Mueller controls the clock as revelations come at a dizzying pace

The war on and over Robert Mueller just got very real. And Mueller has tools to fight with, too. The revelation, as reported by The New York Times, that President Donald Trump tried to fire the special counsel last summer puts new scrutiny on Mueller’s every move, from every conceivable direction. This is information that Mueller almost certainly had before last night. (Remember: Mueller’s team spoke to White House counsel Don McGahn, and has spoken to other White House officials in a position to know, at length.) This isn’t about hurting Mueller’s feelings, or even damaging his credibility. It’s also not about disproving the notion that the president hadn’t given “any thought” to the idea of firing Mueller, as he claimed last...

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DEEP STATE PLOY For Mass Surveillance: Facebook Recognition AI Will Use Your Own Biometrics Against You

Mac Slavo January 8th, 2018 Sometime this year, Facebook plans to unveil a new facial recognition technology across the site which uses artificial intelligence to scan uploaded photos to analyze and recognize faces based on images previously uploaded to the site. But this is nothing more than a surveillance technique. According to Natural News, this sneaky surveillance technique will link users to the people they meet in real life all while tracking their whereabouts and social circle even further. And the real kicker? Facebook will roll out this AI deep state mass surveillance under the guise of “protecting your privacy.” Facebook will roll the controversial plan out all in the name of “protecting your privacy.” Facebook promises to alert users when someone uploads a photo of them to...

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A Mental Wilderness Survival Kit

A survival kit should be carried by anyone who goes deep into the wilderness. What should be in it? Matches, a blade of some sort, and first aid supplies are among the usual recommendations. When you read the true stories of survival, though, you start to see that it is what's in a persons head that often determines if they survive or not. What, then, should be in this mental survival kit?

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